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Re: Little Big Planet (part 3) - Please Rate This Review

Yes, it was useful, and thanks allot for taking the time to read, but I don't feel you quite got the main point of my review. You pointed to my listing of features; but each of the 'features' I describe is only discussed in relation to the overriding thread, a very interesting one as well if I may say so. Nevertheless, I don't feel that my ideas where particularly well communicated, and thus I cannot blame you for slightly misinterpreting my approach. Naturally, I find it hard at this point in my development of ideas, to write clearly, because I am so caught up in simply coming up with them in the first place (because the videogame medium is so young, so we don't have a rich backdrop of assumptions which we can build on in our writing). I will try to communicate more clearly in the future. Thanks again for your time.
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