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Re: James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace Tips Achievements Help Tricks Hints Cheats Stra

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Can anyone give me a mini-walkthrough for the train level for QoS?

I am completely stuck and very fustrated!

I have killed the 4 goons by shooting through the glass windows on the train roof and managed to sneak past the electrical connections, but after that I have no idea. When I jump onto the freight train, my carriage is uncoupled and the level ends. I have lokd ahead and I can't see who is uncoupling the train so can't shoot them to stop it.

Look to your left shortly before you cannot go any further on the right-side train. There is a blue cargo box, jump down there, if you die, you jumped in the wrong spot. Once you're in the blue cargo box you will be able to figure the rest out. When you get to the guy thats trying to uncoupe the train, you simply shoot the explosive barrel on the right, and then proceed to move forward, kill the remaining guy, and then the welder. Dont forget that you need to be on the side of the train that he is trying to detach, so you have to jump quickly.
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