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Cool Re: MGS4 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

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I like when people just gloat and lie. How could somebody beat the game in three hours??? The cutscenes are like 5 hrs long. I've played every game in the series and that is not possible what so ever.

Hey if you don't know how to kill vamp or mantis get a walkthrough or google it. IGN walkthroughs are pretty nice.
Kid you must be new to the game world or somthing only pro's can do it in like 3-6 ive only been able to do it in 6hours an 47min just skip all cutscenes simple.

1. Mosin-Nagant Rifle is the best non-leathal gun for the BnB's.

2. Vamp is easy to get to low health with Solar Gun remember to use syringe after CQCing him.

3. Don't go after the tanegashimo rifle whatever you call it isn't worth as much as it seems if you gonna get it wait till act 5 only 500k.

4. Try use only non-lethal weapons if not going for non-lethal kills all way through then just do non-lethal kills on the BnB's its worth it for all the beauty heads and the Solar Gun at the end of the game but remember to get the statues.

How To Beat Boss Fights

Frog's Attack
Ok this is easy just get your Mk2. Pistol shoot them only with that gun then when you arrive at the garage after cutscene look in the garage there will be a statue pick it up.

Laughing Octopus
Put you Night Vision (NV) on makes her easier to see and also you can see where she is on the map use your Mk2. Pistol or the Mosin-Nagant ill give code for guns at END keep shooting her till eventually she should get angry and start rolling at you what will take a chunk of life off of you jump through the windows (not the ones that are around the sides of the building.

Laughing Beauty
If you did non-lethal on Boss a statue should be on a bed in one of the rooms pick it up then take out sleeping beauty with your Mk2-Mosin Done your first proper boss.Non-Lethally L. Beauty Camo
and after you finish you get face camo

Raging Raven
Ok this fight is very easy just keep shooting the Gliders with lethal gun to make Raven mad make sure your on the top floor its the easiest place for this but still watch out for the Gliders shooting at you shes got a G-Launcher so dont expect it to not hurt much get your Mk2-Mosin and start shooting you should get atleast 1 shot in between her shooting and your dodging she'll stick around as long as you keep dodging or you'll have to keep shooting Gliders.

Raging Beauty
Aslong as you did what i said about non-lethal then you'll have a statue waiting on the top floor.Non-lethally you get R. Beauty Camo.Oh ye also you get the G-launcher

Crying Wolf
For this fight your gonna want NV its particully hard since a blizzard is brewing and you can't see normally for this only the Mosin will worth well 4 headshots and you win non-lethally but also for lethal use your M14 Rifle go to the two big buildings where they are partly destroyed go up them to the 2nd lvl and sniper the Wolf in the head.

Crying Beauty
The statue ovcourse if done non-lethal is behind where you started if you kill non-lethal you'll get C. Beauty Camo.Oh ye did i forget a huge Rail Gun for your own use.

This is the annoying fight for some people all you have to do is shoot vamp till he falls to the floor with non-lethal or get his HP is very low then CQC him equip your syringe that Naomi gave you and use it on vamp by pressing triangle.

Suicide Gekko
Easy just blast away with your big rail gun but only shoot at lvl 3 power or it won't kill Gekko in one.

Rex vs Ray
My fav fight we finally get to use some Metal Gear First you have 2 choices go through the base as fast as posible or keep shooting Gekko for DP. When your out the real action will start just use the Gattling Gun and the Missile Launcher and after a though minutes it willl be destroyed.

Screaming Mantis
There are three stages to this but all you have to do is first use Mk2 to put the men asleep you'll thank me when you do the boss fight is you use Mk2 Eventually they will all be asleep Screaming Mantis will appear and take control of you the men and meryl dont shoot meryl only use Mk2 on her but first use syringe on yourself to get rid of the Mantis's control then use any lethal gun on the men till there all dead keep fighting till she puts a gun to meryl's head then use Mosin or Mk2 to shoot at here Mantis Doll you only need the yellow doll so only shoot it 4 times with non-lethal guns then she'll drop it and you can pick it up pick it up fast and equip it then use it on her and do what it says to do.

Screaming Beauty
The statue if done non-lethal is behind where you started in the small alley.At end you should have S. Beauty Camo and 1-2 dolls perpends if you went for both.

Snake vs Liquid/Liquid Ocelot/Ocelot
This is just a fist fight he uses 3 main attacks in 4 phases

First Phase
he uses same attack's as you just keep hitting him till the next Phase

Second Phase
He'll start to do a lunge attack be warned its his most powerfull attack on the next Phase its easier

Third Phase
He uses head butt's know but you can also aswell finally keep doing this till the dramatic scene

Fourth Phase
Ok this is the easy part of it just keep hitting each other till the end you just keep going in slow-mo

1911 Pistol: Enter "1aytmmymhk" as a password.
Desert Eagle Long Barrel: Enter "deskyhstyl" as a password.
Mk. 23 (SOCOM from Metal Gear Solid): Enter "mekakorkkk" as a password.
Mosin Nagant: Enter "mnsoymsyhn" as a password.
Patriot: Enter "pkhhnwhsjt" as a password.
Scanning Plug S: Enter "skynytktjp" as a password.
Thor .45-70: Enter "tshsniammr" as a password.
Type 17 Pistol: Enter "jmsotsynrn" as a password.
Altair costume: Enter "aottrykmyn" as a password.
Drebin Facecamo : Enter "dntkkhktmm" as a password.
"Desperate Chase" iPod song: Enter "THOMAS" as a password.
"Gekko" iPod song: Enter "GEORGE" as a password.
"Midnight Shadow" iPod song: Enter "THEODORE" as a password.
"Mobs Alive" iPod song: Enter "ABRAHAM" as a password.
"Subsistence Action" iPod song: Enter "smgo2play" as a password.
Complete the game to get these cheats unlocked
Otacon codes

In Act 4: Shadow Moses - Nuclear Warhead Storage B2, when at Otacon's office, he will ask you for the code. Enter one of the following codes instead of the one that Otacon mentions to get the corresponding bonus:

100,000 DP: Enter "14893" as a code.
"Opening - Old L.A. 2040" iPod song: Enter "78925" as a code. This song increases Snake's accuracy.
"Policenauts Ending" iPod song: Enter "13462" as a code. This song causes soldiers held by Snake to fall asleep when touched.
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