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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

Well, I agree basically ...

I play at Conquistador Level (marathon) and while with early privateers I could easily controll the 3 other nations' growth now after I developed my economy almost perfectly with almost all founding fathers the King has 147 Regulars, 124 Dragoons, 47 art. and 74 Man-Of-Wars and its 1760 and there is absolutely no way to win this.

Dragoons and cannons are waste of guns while defending a settelment vs the King, however the biggest waste of materials and money is the ship of the line, useless against man-of-wars. It takes almost 3 ships of the line to take out one man-of-war. And one construction of a ship of the line empties your warhouse of tools (900) and guns (900). I see no sense in that. Ship of the line ought to have a strenght of min. 10 not 8 like a frigate.

- the bunuses are strange aswell, all of the Kings forces have +50% Settelment attack bonus.

- your forces consisting mainly of free colonists gain expierience way too slow

- you should be able to train veteran soldiers in your colonies (school, college, uni)

... waiting for a patch
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