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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

continue from previous

also one priest is actually enuf becos of the job knight. which gives the skills chivalry. chivalry is used to revive a fallen char on and expend of the caster hp reduced to 1. this skills is learn at lvl 20 knight class.

personally for my team which consist of

anchor --- heal n magic attack hp 100+ --- teleport thief --- uses bow wif dmg of 100+ -- backstep
knight --- tanker wif dmg of 150 n hp 600+ - chivalry
monk --- stunner* wif dmg of 50ish hp 500+ - bash
knight --- tank dmg of 100 n hp 500+ - Shield bash
fighter --- dmg of 100+ n hp 400+ - wild range.

notice my char has lots of hp due to early lvling of monk which raises vit and hp. when engaging i often uses the anchor to tele away then which to theif to disrupt rival caster from casting spells or hasing my anchor. incase of my tankers being raped my monk wif use bash. which spread the rival away in spreads. my average battle ends in 10 sec wif basically no dmg or maybe a scatch on my tankers.

*stunners. this might interest some of u. when fighting, do u notice ur char often fall into fatigue and hit by lots of hostiae? that, my fren. is stun. as shown on ur list(on equipment screen press start to show)
monks who does mutiple attacks, are i favours if u can give them stun added equips.

hope my experience wif this game can help u guys.
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