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Wink Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

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btw...wat are subs jobs??how to lvl sub jobs and how does the lvl works on sub job too??pls help...omg...
ok i am not pro in these but i feel i have to help out these fellow knights !!!

first of all : Jobs
u knights understands that u can have 1 main and 2 sub jobs on one char right? the mai job acts as a guide for the stats to grow.(so u hardly see int growing on a fighter, and i mean hardly i dun mean it wont grow. there might be a chance. idk.)

the subs
these provides more to sort of passive, like skills and spells.
EXAMPLE 1 --> Fighter , Priest , Any other jobs which is know as M, S1 ,S2. so a normal fighter cant heal himself rite? here comes the fun part. with Priest as a Sub. U CAN HEAL URSELF !!! get the drift for sub jobs?
EXAMPLE 2 --> Priest, mage, thief. So, ur priest always die b4 he can even heal others? DO u have to run like hell every battle? NO FEAR. With thief as a sub, u can use his passive skill [backstep] to quickly back off to the edge while whiching from auto healing to manual backstepping. (ps. i recommend a anchor's teleport instead of the backstep)

if u have any more question other then quest based ones. do post them now so i can quickly help u knights b4 i log off for the day.
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