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Re: Final Fantasy X-Please rate this review

Originally Posted by Leizerbeam View Post
Thanks for the feedback, guys.
Jason- Tell me if you thought this paragraph was ok with regards to what you were saying:

In the end, I did continue playing the game, despite my frustration. I think one of the reasons why I did, and something which is worth mentioning, was the fantastic and mesmerising world the game offered me. I donít know bully about world design or character design or what have you... For me, itís nice to know that, inside my little FFX: International Edition game disc, lies the amazing world of Spira. I wouldn't say the above when speaking to myself, so is it still acceptable?
Yes, I think it's acceptable in that context.

I really wanted to make a connection to the reader, and to engage on a personal level, as well as as a reviewer, and I suppose I used those phrases to do so.
You can still make that connection to the reader with your voice, but without writing directly to them. Generally, its best practice to write about yourself, and avoid the second person. You'll note that's something consistent across our reviews. The paragraph you just referenced does exactly that.

Brad - I would be overjoyed to be on the main page, thank you!
I approved you as well, actually.

Did you manage to get past the endgame section with all the Dark Summons, Anima and the celestial weapons nonsense? The guys on gamefaqs make it sound so simple, but it just seems impossible to me.
You're probably asking the wrong person, Brad's generally not a big (J)RPG guy. Actually, I'm the only holdover on staff who still loves those games. (But even I disliked FFXII!)

Wasn't that stuff only in the International Edition? Where did you obtain the International Edition? I thought those were Japan-only releases, but perhaps I'm mistaken. Or else you're fluent in Japanese.

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