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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

OK, so at least I was not the only one having such difficulty with this game. I am a relativly good player of the civ series, so naturally, I started off playing on the "Explorer" difficulty (Epic, Huge map, Dutch). Got owned by the king's massive army the first couple times playing. Checked out these forums, found out that Everyone seem to have the same problem. found a simple solution. Kinda Cheap, but worked great for an early victory. I only had 3 towns, and one was just a decoy.
I used the following tips previously posted: (slightly edited + comments)

Few tips:

- Trade guns/horses with indians at beginning, make big profit. Buy galleon a.s.a.p. for treasure transporting. Horses seem to make biggest profit. If starting soldier is put to work, trade his guns to indians.
[I found selling guns better, but its whatever the natives prefer to trade. Do this for all the different native tribes, untill they have no money left over. scout early, to get as many treasures as possible, before everyone else does.]

- Clear forests on coastal cities before declaring independence. No forests = less defense bonus for European army when landing.
[I never did this, but would still work good, leave one good defensive tile]

- Clear out coastal cities of pop and defense (leave one cannon), position guards next to city. Hard to defend when Europe attacks from boat. Easy to recapture (and kill all enemy soldiers) next turn.
[I just emptied them completly]

- Get founding fathers !! Especially the bells increasers. the quicker the bells producing, the smaller the kings army (with 0 bells strategy).
[Build/Buy printing press]
**The run down,**
-I built my fist town near silver, and mined that to death. was next to a hill/forest where the defense was 75% bonus (this is key)
-Explored with first immigrant from europe (gets treasures)
-Purchased silver miner+fisherman asap (massive quick income)
-hord treasures untill you can purchas a galleon
- do the buy/sell guns trading with natives (got me $50k)
-build a third town as a decoy, in a more distant off place
- oh, dont build stockades/forts, you only need to build plitical points, for the founding fathers of course
-build your newspapers (I Purchased mine)
- The Key Here is to keep you Population as low as possible. dont bring over your immigrants yet. then when you have $50-60K, build up bells as quickly as possible. I got one one master statesman, and moved him between my 2 towns. I was able to revolt by the time taxes got to 15%. Towns at pop 2-4. (try killing off all other external units, as they count as population, or move them to town hall. I didnt do this, its just a thought to speed things up)
- now that you are close to being able to revolt, stock towns with guns. move all your population to your closest town (or the one with the best defensive position outside a town). sail to europe with your galleon, and other ship. REVOLT. Now you can buy another galleon. fill it with 4 guns and 2 horses. purchas 4-5 cannons, 2 infantry. collect your immigrants (to convert to infantry & dragoons), if you have money left over, buy more guns and cheap units to convert to infantry. with ships full, and units in your town, rush back before the King. convert as many units to infantry/dragoons as possible. you should have approx 4 cannon, 4 dragoons, 6-10 infantry. nearly 3/4 the kings army.
-the most important thing is to have cannons.
station outside the town on the 75% bonus defense tile, and wait.
- I had a decoy town, so when he grabbed my fisrt two towns, he split his army, and was much easier to take down. no real need to take over your towns, just get then down to the last unit (unless its a dragoon, then you'll probably want to kill it if possible)
-let your cannons do all the talking, and the rest are for defense, dragoons are for easy kills (when they dont have any possible quick counter attacks). take your town, and empty them again, and keep doing this as he brings back his forces that took off to your far off colony. I only lost one unit, while sitting on a 50% tile.

have fun,
Daniel Van Damme
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