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Re: GTA IV - Please Rate This Review

Nice review there mate, very professionally written from what I can tell.

I've never been a big fan of GTA games (well, apart from the original, but I was young enough at the time to enjoy it more than I ever would now), but having played a friend's copy of GTAIV I 100% agree with what you say. One area that GTA has always failed, in my view, is the hideous combat... how Rockstar can still get away with putting that auto-target clunky crap into their games I've no idea. And you're also right about lack of things to do, in San Andreas my friend showed me how he could alter his character's statistics and appearence, and yet all you can do in GTAIV is change Niko's clothes... not cool.

Unfortunately silly and novelty filled reviewers that populate 99.9% of gaming website/magazines have now made this GTA the most highly rated ever, when it's clear to any sane person that the game is a fair effort, at best.
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