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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

Few tips:

- Trade guns/horses with indians at beginning, make big profit. Buy galleon a.s.a.p. for treasure transporting. Horses seem to make biggest profit. If starting soldier is put to work, trade his guns to indians.

- Clear forests on coastal cities before declaring independence. No forests = less defense bonus for European army when landing.

- Clear out coastal cities of pop and defense (leave one cannon), position guards next to city. Hard to defend when Europe attacks from boat. Easy to recapture (and kill all enemy soldiers) next turn.

- If dragoons are also farmers for example, but wounded, change them with unwounded farmers in city and you have got healthy dragoon who can attack.

- Get founding fathers !! Especially the bells increasers. the quicker the bells producing, the smaller the kings army (with 0 bells strategy). If all cities have 3 elder stateman (unequipped) start producing printing press at the same time (and then newspaper). If you have the founding father who gives +3 bells for each printing press, start mass producing bells when the printing presses are finished.

- Try to get the trade founding fathers early. Just finished a game on Governer with +25% tabacco founding father. At one time I had 2200 Cigars still in capitol with 3 galleons and one merchantmen contantly trading. $$$$$ Ka-ching !
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