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Talking Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

To JabaPR:
I convert my thief back. I got my thief a bow and wooden arrow in the cave. You can find the cave which is after the mount part.
Hope i didn't get the place mix up. There are a lot of hardcore asses in the mountain. You can even find the dragon alike mob in the mountain. There are 2 doors in the mountain. Go to the right hand side once you see yeti (white-hairy monster) which is not as hard to fight with because they come in 2 per fight or 1. However never touch the wolves or werewolf alike. They kill you instantly and you cannot proceed to the cave. You cannot overrun them so once they caught sight of you, you should press on the menu and use an escape card or get defeated in the fight and lost half the G you have to the innkeeper. Make your choice. Then you got to walk there again. I manage to dodge all creature as well in the cave.

*If you manage to get into the cave carefully trigger the switch which is right in front of you. A dragon will spawn out once you trigger it . So dodge him and walk around. I did not challenge any mob in the cave but only get to fight a mimic.
*Mimic is a hostiae in treasure chest form. Its easy to fight and it turns into a real treasure chest after the fight. Good reward (rebirth flask and level 5 spell book) and EXP PT. 140exp pt per fight. I trained some of my character there. (Re-enter the door will spawn it in the same spot)
I died when i fight a mimic in the deeper cave which appear to be stronger.

Priest healing skill ain't that perfect sometimes. I have 1 priest and a sub-priest which is now an enchantress to heal my whole party. Bow are awesome if you use it with thief backstep. You can be invulnerable to melee attack but weak against magic attack. Arrows do not require to be refilled.

Now my party consist of a th/fi at level 20/11, a mo/fi 12/15, a fi/mo 18/11, pr 22, an/pr 19/4, En/pr 17/8. When your party member reach 20 a new skill will be available. However their lvl5 skill seems to be more useful.

Question: Is effects( bane, sick, stun blah blah... ) more important than WA(weapon atk) and WL (weapon level)? Which has more dmg?
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