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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

okay, so this is what i did:

First of all, im a monk.

Second, once you get the 1000 gold, get a priest, you should be fine for now. Kill stuff in the forest, blah blah... get items, finish the quest.

Once you do that and go back to town, *IDENTIFY ALL THE ITEMS* and sell them! You will get triple the money once identified (identify things cost 100 gold, armor and weapons will sell for 300+ gold)

once you sell all your stuff, you will have atleast 6k gold (atleast i did)

now go to the guild, and recruit more allies!

I got a fighter, a thief and a mage.

So, i have a party of 5 right after the first mission was completed (the latroci test)

After that, go do some more quests from the guild, and you will get money, + look in the forest, you will find in some doors a chest with 1000 more gold in it.

+ identify and sell the armors and weapons until you get a full party.

After you get the full party, go ahead and do some quests and kill stuff to get your party equiped.

* i recommend giving your mage and priests the identify magic skill, so you wont have to spend 100 gold or farm for the identify item*

so yeah, once u get a full party the game gets pretty easy, though at the "bosses" if you can call it that, i dont know why, the priests arnt healing very good =\ i put on behavior the priests to full healing, the mage to full attk magic, fighter and myself (monk) to attack, and the thief to 2 attack and 1 support.

*btw, does anyone know where can i get a bow for my thief? so far i havnt gotten one, im still doing quests @ the river
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