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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

OO. I played it for quite awhile. I have a hint for new gamer to start with. Be a monk as your main character. I have a monk in my party which is at lvl8 then i change his job to a fighter. His hp will shoot up and he can be a good tanker for battle. I do not remember of getting a priest free in my game. However the money to recruit a new member is 500G more for another recruit. 500G,1000G,1500G...... Do not recruit over 6 mem cos 6 is the max and you will get to know an anchor( another job / he is a mage alike )/halfing call henry in one quest and you can add him to your party.
I started off with a theif/halfling which are not that useful (other than opening trap chest) and in later game he cannot catch up with the other job because of his low hp and atk. He died easily = no exp. High speed stat had not much use in evading atks from the mob.
Tips: When you get a party of a healer(priest) a mage and a fighter go for the arena battle in the guild. You can level quite fast there and for early game always go training without money cos it divide by half each time you die.
For other extra job, such as enchantress and archer, you need a job card. I had only found 1 job card till now, which is enchantress. However i do not know whats the diff between priest and enchantress.
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