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Re: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Soulstorm Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes, Stra

i have good fun wth all races (especaly tau and eldar) and therefore know good tactics for all.

chaos. cultist squad to take posts(they are usles at fighting never rely on them.) build a squad of marines then genarators ect till u hav a good enuf defence and good recorce(by this time you should hav done both you upgrades)from your sacred circle do sorcerer upgades then build one(trust me he will destroy anything that come near him) then and then start building ur obliterators preadators and khorn then tada! youv crushed your enamy(you can have your bloodthirster come out but i dont like him cuz he is slow and dusnt give much flare in battle)

tau. (easy to use) just make fire warriors hammer heads and broadsides and youl win easy(dont need to detail that 1

eldar.(my fav) first thing to do build a webway portel near your base and hav cloak on it(always build webway portels after that to keep all you buildings cloak the enamy wont come at you with deceters until he is ready to proper attack) like chaos make guardians and make them caputre things and also build generators.
upgrade your things make ur soul shrine then get your relic. build an avatar back him up with a farseer(attatch to a full seer council) and lodes of howling banchees. for tanks id advise wraith lords there punch agenst outher tanks and flamers will realy help you against the enamy.

this is the main part of the stratergy. use your bonesingers teleport to get near you enamys base(but far enough so they can survive) build a webway gate and cloak it. put all your troops in there then march your avatar and wraithlord towards the middle of there base. then let the webway gate let its men out and charge. they shouldnt last long against all those swords and flamers.

ty for readying(if u managed to read all that lol
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