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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

Theres a number of issues with the game that ive found:

Runs out of money - doesnt replenish unless you buy items from them, you can basically empty their coffers in 10 minutes. Perhaps if they did some trade with the other countries it could go up and create a more complex system.

As rebel sentiment rises the king adds military forces - and at a breakneck pace (even on easy!). Halfway through the game the King had over 300 military units. Tried massproducing soldiers myself, i could keep about half the pace. Tried rushing sentiment by adding 3 elder statesmen to all towns at the same time. Tried doing it at the start and only one town. It just doesnt work - takes too long and the king will add forces way way way too fast.

Sometimes the King bugs out and wont become happy when you give him gold that he asks for and will remain annoyed with you although the only modifier is +1 Years of peace.

European countries:
They seem more or less incapable of attacking your capitol, i left it unguarded on hardest setting and proceded to wipe out their towns with a single unit. They had several soldiers in the vicinity of my town but did not attack.

Your settlements:
Bell production sometimes doesnt increase rebel sentiment properly.

Sometimes when a tile is improved and citizens are assigned to tasks automatically they will attempt to harvest something that cant be harvested. For instance if your pioneer clears a forest the citizen wont stop trying to get lumber in town from that square.

Pioneers will sometimes do stupid improvements when set to auto, like remove the last spot of forest near your town making sure you dont get any lumber unless ship it in - and for what? 2 sugar? bah!

I loved the original colonization, played it until my eyes bled. This has potential aswell but needs fixing - thats for sure.
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