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Re: Need for Speed NFS Pro Street Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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Sorry all but I have to comment. Get the '65 GTO stock body and Stage 4 everything. I don't mess with the body kits or anything for is a B***h to get it above 75% in pre heat. But that doesn't matter as it pulls a wheelie the full length of whatever track. haven't even had to mess with gear lengths or anything.

The problem I AM having is finding a good setup for My supra for Drift! I can beat everything else but the stupid drift tracks have me stumped.
I'll send you my drift blueprint for the supra or if I get time tomorrow I will post it, I just messed around mostly, set all the shocks to stiff, lowered ride height, maxed out all engine options set handbrake up a few notches and the rest is all trial and far I've had no problems, running all 6000-8000+ in drifts with the supra and literally blowing away the competition which the best I've seen from an AI was like 3200 or something around there, except maybe the drift king...hope that helps a bit.

I always run low 7's and low 11's in drag with my new GT500 with about 780HP, I know it's not great but it does the job.

I also had a Chevelle that could wheelie the whole track but I sold it by accident so I'm trying out the 65' GTO and I seem to be having a lot of problems with it, the best I can get out of it was 840 feet and that was a challenge...anyone got a good tuning for a 65' GTO with all stage 3 and a stage 4 engine give me a shout.

And I'm looking for a good tuning set up for the Evo for grip, right now I have over 1100HP with it and its insanely fast but I can't seem to set it up so that I can actually steer worth shit at such high the car goes 0-60 in I think 1.2 was my best or 1.3 and 0-100 in under 3 seconds I just can't seem to steer it...any suggestions for settings would be great.
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