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Re: Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society Tips FAQ, Help Hints Cheat Cod

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Okay, i need serious help here. I don't have any of the musical drums (although I know what to do with them) and I have one gear, the one from the boiler room. Whenever I press 'X' next to one of Ms. Loveday's golden doors, I can't click anything or anything, i can just see the symbols. I wrote them down, but it's impossible for me to press 'X' next to one of the green box things on the second floor that everyone says to put the symbols into. Did I miss something here? I have also already done the tuning key puzzle with the jukebox and recovered the tomb box, in turn receiving the master key. Help??
On the third floor there are four green box like things. Each one is for a different position of the symbols. There is a gold arrow above and below one of the four. That is the one you can change using that box. Simply click on the arrows until you get to the symbol you want. Then do the same at each of the four boxes. The symbols need to match the top row of symbols on the door in order to open the door. You will hear a clinging of chains if you get all four correct. I would suggest writing down each door and its symbols as you will have to go to some of them more than once.
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