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If you put in the code "unlockallthings" you will get $10,000 plus in your garage after the next race youll have a viper, new gto, cobalt nd a 240sx... if u sell these cars youll get $97000. The code also unlocks secret cars in the collectors edition... in the CE. youll get an integra gs-r... you buy it for free and sell it for $7800... cheap profit. And if u save. and restart the game you can put in the code again and get another 90+k. Its a bit lengthy but you can make mad cash to buy the 745000 zonda... or make your 1000HP "ford" charger. I did it 5 times and i have a full complete stage 4 1969 Camaro. It does 6.9s in the 1/4m and 1000ft wheelies with a perfect launch. Good Luck!!!!
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