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Re: MGS4 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

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good morning my children iv a cupl of questions and if any1 cud answer i will giv u an elephant the size of a monkey........(dot dot dot) anyways. im trying to do a no alert run, and was wondering is a caution the same as an alert? and and and when ur fighting the beauty n beasts if they find you does that count as an alert? OHHHH andddd is there any way to find out what emblems you'v alredy collected?
if anyone can answer these it wud be much appritiated
no its not the can get cautions all you want.i have beat it withought being seen as a tip every time you get somewhere new save the game if you get spotted just reload the game.the simplest thing to do is if you get an alert even for a split second it still will count so just stop and reload
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