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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

Originally Posted by shun View Post
My God, how long is it since I last posted here?

Anyway, I'm currently reading a bunch of sci-fi novellas. As for books I've just finished, Odyssey and Ulysses.

You can read my reactions of it on this blog post.
The androgyny (sp?) of the Odyssey is indisputable... the Greeks were a patriarchal society and there's actually much worse texts going around (the Orestea... *shudders*). I don't know about the idealism though. Greek epics, as most epics, are about a golden age and are supposed to represent a better world. Greek heroes, in this sense, are naturally archetypal, since they're supposed to function as moral guides for men of the present. It might not make for a story-telling experience quite as engaging as a contemporary novel, but then, it wasn't written for contemporary readers.

Doubt you'd like the Iliad, given your reactions. Might enjoy the Aeneid though. Also, well done on joining the circle of pretentious wankers who have read Ulysses.
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