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Originally Posted by shun View Post
So how unfortunate that I find myself un-compelled by the game's namesake character. He doesn't compare to Phoenix Wright at all, and every time I see Phoenix Wright in this game I get a sense of pining. Same goes to Klavier, the game's prosecutor. Despite his rock persona, he's too laid-back during court proceedings, that I do not get the same sense of satisfaction from witnessing the taut rivalry of Phoenix and Edgeworth. The detective that replaces Dick Gumshoe is more than annoying (albeit cute). About the only well-written characters here are Kristoph, Trucy and Phoenix.
Yeah, just beat the game as well. This isn't really spoiler heavy or anything, but just as a courtesy for others...

Minor Spoilers

People's reception to Apollo kind of reminds me of the reactions to Raiden in MGS2, in that the game seems to almost go out of its way to make their new leads disappoint - especially when compared to the former protagonists. I mean, with Phoenix lording over Apollo as if he's some kind of defense deity - not to mention even Trucy outperforming you in a number of sequences - it's hard for him not to look second rate. Yet what's interesting about both games is that, all things said, the characters aren't substantially different from their earlier incarnations. Raiden might be doing girly cartwheels to dodge gunfire while being whipped by his girlfriend in codecs and generally, but he still plays the same as power-male-fantasy cool Snake. Similarly, Apollo might seem several steps behind even some of his allies, but he still cross examines mostly the same and isn't any stupider than Phoenix was in the first game.

Also found it somewhat curious that, Apollo aside, the game seemed to go out of its way to make the general character roles the opposite of what they were in the first three games. Every one of Phoenix's opponents either (initially) pulled every dirty trick imaginable to win or are personally vindictive, whereas Klavier is honest and honorable in seeking the truth right from the beginning - even at the expense of his case. Gumshoe is stupid, happy, and has total confidence in Edgeworth while Ema is smart, jaded, and hates Klavier. Maya is a mystic who tends to be useless often (when she's herself) and is frequently kidnapped or in trouble and needs Phoenix's assistance like a typical video game hero/heroine archetype, while Trucy is a magician who more than capable at solving much of each case herself and even fakes her own abduction because she wants to save you from a potential death threat (they even reversed the ladder/stepladder gag for Apollo and Trucy). Do I even need to address Kristoph and Mia? While this obviously isn't fully true (Apollo and Trucy's dialogue, especially during investigations, still at least strongly echoes Phoenix and Maya for example), it is interesting that the game seemed to go out of its way to try and make sure the cast was distinctive from the other games, even if the games structure still largely remains the same.

End Spoilers

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