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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

Originally Posted by idiotic View Post
Anybody read the Dune series?
I've read the first. I found it generally interesting in that it focused on implications of events(and the implications of those, and so on) in its fake politics. It was refreshing, to an extent, to see that. Execution is a different matter.

What did you think of them as a whole, and what is Herbert trying to say or do with them?
The first seemed like a (thinly) veiled attack on oil companies. I guess I have no quotes to back this up or anything, but that's what it seemed like to me(and I think this is why liberal nerds, at least where I'm from, are so enamored with it at the moment).

Personally, I hated the characterization of Vladimir Harkonnen. He seemed too simple a villain, and his sadistic (homo)sexual tendencies were odd. It's one thing to villify 'the powers that be', as Herbert seems fond of doing, but it was a stretch to me when I read it. If the book was trying to have 'real' points outside of it, which seems true enough, one could hope for better writing.

I blame Herbert for lightsabers.

And, um, I'm not really reading anything right now(other than college texts). A shame really.

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