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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Brad Gallaway View Post
I just put about 45 minutes into NiGHTS and came to the conclusion that NiGHTS sucks.

ten years after the original, are we supposed to find the act of making loops in the air fun, somehow? this adds nothing to the original game, and is, in fact, actually worse than the Saturn version.

Moving on to HL2: Ep 2

and i'd play NMH if GameFly would friggin' send it to me. it's been #1 in my queue since a week before release and i still haven't got my turn yet. = /
I never quite "got" Nights, but mostly because I played it several years after its release. And if the novelty of the concept wore off back then, I don't see how it could be at all successful 10 years later. I was appalled to hear that the new Nights hadn't changed at all. I guess that franchise pretty much died as soon as it started.

As far as beating games, I've been obsessed with No More Heroes. I'm trying to beat the final boss on the hardest difficulty setting, but it's proving to be difficult. NOT because the opponent is particularly skillful, but because he has so much HP, the whole thing becomes an act of attrition. An hour later I had only brought his life bar down to only half, and I ended up dying because of a few missteps early on in the fight. I gave up and may never revisit that battle again, knowing how long it takes to beat him and the fact there is no reward for it. I know I can beat him. I just don't want to wait that long.

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