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Re: Need for Speed NFS Pro Street Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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is there a wheelie tutorial? cuz i have no ideah how to do them! and am i supost to use the clutch for anything?
dnt use the clutch, dat drops ur rpm ALOT meanin u lose power, the clutch is used for driftin, da easiest way to do a wheelie (for me) get the 1967 shelby gt500, mod it to da max n put de start and end boost full, at de line get as much grip as u can, over-rev the first shift off the line den just get perfect after dat, wen u reach de end of 3rd or 4th gear ur car wil start to drop, hit the nos n carry on perfect shiftin, i got 1337ft doin dis, hope it helps
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