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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Brad Gallaway View Post
Chalk it up to Valve's stubborn refusal to just tell a damn story. = /

according to one of the "official" HL please-tell-me-WTF-is-going-on websites, Portal allegedly takes place in the time between HL 1 and HL 2 when Gordon was in stasis, the G-Man's briefcase, or wherever he was when the world was going to hell.

the Portal company was supposedly doing testing on (wait for it) Portals while the aliens were taking over or somesuch, and their company was a competitor with Black Mesa for some government contract or something.

i think.
Brad you need to play Half Life Episode 2 to completion to understand the forthcoming role Aperture Science is going to play in the Half Life universe.

Otherwise Portal's connection to Half Life makes no sense other than the fact that Aperture was a competing contractor around the time of the first incident.

There's no telling when it exactly takes place, but it does seem to happen around the end of Half Life 1.

If you don't mind the SPOILER....

Episode 2 teases the possibility that the portal gun will be available for use in the final chapter of the Half Life series. Portal was a warmup exercise for what is expected to be a larger role for the gun.


Like idiotic said, it's a credit to the game that it remains self-contained, despite the tie-in with Gordon Freeman's adventure.

Brad I'll email you about the golf encounter later.

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