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i have completed the first stage against ryo now up to the second, the one with the drifts and grip events. My problem is that i have a 500+ hp GT mustang for drift and i still cant even come close to beating ryo in the first drift in tokyo. Why does he get the evo as a drift car and we cant? its really pissing me off cause i cant beat him. Any ideas?
Well, for one, you can beat him. The GT Mustang isn't such a great idea to use in drift races as it is large and so crashes sometimes losing points. I defeated him in the dift races using a Rx-7, with stage 4 parts, including the best body kit. Tunning the car is optional, I defeated him using the defaults. If you want to tune, put all engine to high, and drivetrain, all gears ro low. Also, bring as many repair markers and total repair makers as you can as you can never know what'll happen.
Hope this helps.
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