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Re: NBA Live 08 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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How Come You Can't Set Your Own Player Rotation In Dynasty Mode?????

If Any One Knows How To Help Me Out And Please Tell Me.
Well I think someone said that allready but here what I found out they made it actually more simple, you start a game in dynasty then simply setup your players the way you want them and confirm with start or X then go out of the game again and back in you will see you still have the same setup... and I figured out this setup stays until someone is injured or whatever else happens. it like that now I only cant understand why they dont explain the go-to moves better, I am trying hard to figure it out, the game is not bad, much better playable then their last attempt.
I play in allstar mode right now and manage to beat some good teams and in live 07 no chance without changing the settings not even in easy mode!

Yeah I am also pissed for not having all players in the teams, can someone tell me fucking why. I bought the game and I was all hungry to see what yoakim noah has to offer and oops no noah! what a shame.

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