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All I did was ran up and Silent killed the cop at the door. after doing this a ran into the hallway and took out the second gaurd. They both knew I was there and the second man was on the radio calling for help when I snapped his neck. Good times!

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yea I got stuck on the bank part too, what I did was I sent one of the NPC's out to initiate dialogue with the first security guard, then when he started talking I used the hidden blade on that guard, ( a little odd that it was in both Assassins Creed and Kane & Lynch, but its an awesome weapon so no complaints ) then I ran inside to the second security guard and did the close combat stab on him too.

I'm stuck on the dump truck part now, but I'll try to get on top of the van. I hate it when sometimes the girl dies from the second pass of the dump truck ( before the third pass when they drive right into the hole ).. I've noticed though that if you empty a clip into the driver before the second pass she somehow survives..
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