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Re: How to kill everyone

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I am trying to get out of the tunel and try to kill everyone without being shoot every time but I am not able. When I get out of the tunel there is 2 men discusting. I get near of them then I kill them esaly with my gun. Then there is so much soldier that are shooting at me I can't do nothing but die. I began to play yesturday and I am stuck there for more the 2 hours.
hello buddy,
about that level ... yea it's difficult .. needs patience and experience ... here's what u have to do ... first u have to be hiding all the battle time .. don't expose ur self to their fire coz they'll take u down in moments .. there's a big tree that u can use to hide from their fire ... use ur timing power, especially time stop to take down as many men as u can .. then when time resumes normaly hide again till ur suit recharges ur time powers .. then attack again using time stop ... be careful, u need to take care of the flying men first coz they are the most harmful .. take them down first, and then take care of all the others .. when u r out of ammo, use time stop to reach enemies and collect their weapons and get back as quick as possible to ur hide behind the tree .. keep doing this untill u kill them all .. u'll get it done dude .. don't be upset .. good luck

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