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Re: Timeshift Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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I ****ing pissed OFF!!! I killed all of the sentinel turrerts, and im at teh part on the balcony, with my plasma turret, i keep on trying to kill the bottom turret, but its impossible!!! I keep on dying with the Second Shot it fires!!
hey there,
u don't need to be that pissed off .. ur at the end of the game, when u shoot the last turrest the game actually ends ... what u need to do is .. to keep shooting at the bottom turret .. start while the big machine is still coming before it faces u directly ... use time stop to shoot as shots as u can .. and refill ur weapon from the nearby box ... and keep moving at different spots of the balcony each time so it's difficult for the machine to take u down ... u'll do it ... i died several times too be4 getting it done .. but at last i got it done .. good luck dude

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