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Re: Timeshift Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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i need help with the last lvl ther is a big thing with turrets and ther is no where to go and it is killing me every time

can some one help me
u can defeat the plasma turrets using your own plasma turret ... there are 3 turrets attached to krone's big machine that u must destroy ... go ahead to the metal dick to the right most corner where there is a cover above your head .. it's located in the right most corner of the metal dick .. crouch there and using ur timing powers and ur plasma turret .. u can destroy krone's turrets ... each turret needs six shots to get destroyed .. u can use time stop to shoot 3 shoots at a time .. i.e. 2 time stops, 6 shots per each turret .. but be careful ... each time u shoot at a turret u must hide again quickly at the right most corner i told u about to hide from the artillary attacks .. there's no other spot to hide but this .. take care .. u need patience and time to complete that level .. ur about to finish the game dude .. good luck
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