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Cool Re: Blue Dragon Tips, Tricks, Hints, Help, Cheat Codes and Strategy

Hey, so I played the ENTIRE GAME before I found this I'm going to pass it along to anyone else who might find it interesting:

You know those Kelelon accessories? ...really powerful, right? ...but equipping them turns you into Kermit the Frog's gay nephew? Well, have a status-proof accessory on with it--something that would prevent you from getting turned into a Kelelon in the first place. Then, you can enjoy the awesome bennies of these accessories as your normal every-day self!

Oh, yeah! ...another thing I didn't know until the end of the game: As you level up your shadow in different classes, those classes become more powerful when you use them. It's perfectly fine to put on lower-leveled classes while you're just wandering around on the field...but if you're going to fight a boss, make sure you equip your highest level class before the fight (provided it's something other than Generalist, which is never really powerful anyway.)

Someone asked about the Szabo battle on disk 1...I don't remember the first battle, though none of them were very hard. I've learned as a general rule of thumb with this game: if you aren't making progress killing a boss, look for other ways. Sometimes you need to select one of their body parts, or you need to cast Reflect on one of your party to bounce black-magic spells off of. Sometimes you heal your enemies with magic...sometimes with physical. Some battles you're not even supposed to attack during. If you're still having problems defeating Szabo, take a step back and look at how you can approach it differently.

Blue Dragon's coooooool!
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