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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Mike Doolittle (Post #64):
If you're talking about ascribing characteristics to God, sure. If you're talking about the existence of God himself, you're missing the side of the barn.
I am talking about the existence of your intelligent designer and I am not missing anything.

This is what I am saying: If your premise is that it is reasonable to believe in that which requires no objective evidence then it follows that (pretty much) any belief whatsoever is reasonable; if you agree that there is no objective scale by which to measure the validity of any such claim to another then it follows that all claims are equally plausible. These are the implications of your argument.

You can say that God is a he or a she or a unicorn or a bunny or a giant floating lima bean, but then you're just ascribing arbitrary worldly characteristics to God, which is pointless aside from symbolic representations which serve to help people discuss their religious beliefs. Saying that a unicorn is just as likely to have created the universe is just another way of saying that God is a unicorn, not that God's existence is implausible.
You are missing the point. I was not talking about the ejaculating unicorn, rather the pink unicorn. I was talking about the active belief that we are living in a simulated reality or that nothing exists beyond the curb of our senses; I was talking about any belief which cannot be falsified, of which your god is a part.
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