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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Originally Posted by Nicato View Post
Exactly my point. Acknowlegement of our limitations is all which is required to believe in so many unicorns and bunnies as well as gods. The criteria by which acceptance of your god is "reasonable" is the exact same criteria for any other imaginary friend, provided said friend does not observably contradict the laws of nature. Oh, yes it is.
If you're talking about ascribing characteristics to God, sure. If you're talking about the existence of God himself, you're missing the side of the barn. God's defined as the creator of the universe. You can say that God is a he or a she or a unicorn or a bunny or a giant floating lima bean, but then you're just ascribing arbitrary worldly characteristics to God, which is pointless aside from symbolic representations which serve to help people discuss their religious beliefs. Saying that a unicorn is just as likely to have created the universe is just another way of saying that God is a unicorn, not that God's existence is implausible.

p.s. Feel free to knock off the lame elitism any time. If you didn't sound like you just came from a Richard Dawkins book signing and you were a little more open minded, the patronizing "Oh yes, it is" type of snobbery might hold a little water in this discussion instead of just making you look like a dick.
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