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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Originally Posted by Nicato View Post
Yes! 'Cause there is no objective scale to distingish one argument from another. For example, any statement of your intelligent designer's motives is equally plausible. Hell, there isn't even an objective scale which can measure how many intelligent designers (bunnies, unicorns) might exist; that you believe in one god instead of many is simply an arbirtrary matter of happenstance.
We're just going in circles. Yeah of course, faith is ultimately just that. That's why it's "belief" and not "acknowledgment". If we start arbitrarily ascribing worldly characteristics to God and trying to assert them as factual claims, yeah that's absurd. I don't believe in one god or many gods, male or female god/s any of that stuff. I don't think the concepts of singularity and plurality are even relevant because those are concepts that we use to describe things in our world.

Don't you see, man: the conditions which need to exist for belief in your god to be reasonable would require us to believe in an infinite number of things which may or may not transcend our ability to know them.
Not at all. All that is required to believe in God is an acknowledgment of man's own limitations. Limitations in what we can know and how we can know it. Nobody can prove or disprove whether we were created or not, whether we have purpose or not, or whether morality is a spiritual gift or merely a random evolutionary quirk. But that doesn't mean we can't objectively see that there are relevant, logical reasons to believe that things transcendent of our world exist. Are they God? I don't know. I see things in this world that to me show a creative consciousness. Could science come around and explain everything away in some perfectly rational way? Perhaps. But that wouldn't be an objective belief either, just a blind assumption.

Ultimately faith is a matter of perspective. You can choose to believe that this universe just fell into place and that we have no innate purpose aside from perpetuating the existence of the species. Or you can choose to see your limitations, the order of the universe, our existence and the unique qualities of the human experience as signs that supernatural realities do exist.
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