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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Originally Posted by Nicato View Post
I hope this current debate tactic you've recently been employing--the kind which you attempt to undermine core, well-established premises/sources (mimes, reason, the NPD)--dies. Its fairly obvious that you only unleash this tactic once you've been backed into a corner--which is why they often come up late in discussion. (And all without irony too, you criticize me for linking to a Wikipedia article refuting a specific argument, then turn around and cite two general refutations.)
I criticized you for citing an article without providing any context within the discussion basically you just stuck it in there and left for me to find the context. I referenced the Kant article because, near as I can tell, the discussion's reached an impasse, and I posted it up there as further reading to better understand the core concepts I'm trying (unsuccessfully it would seem) to communicate.

Yes, no. Naturalism is, in a sense, a matter of faith, however, I would not so readily equate it to that of religion. As has been demonstrated in this thread (among other discussions), there is no objective evidence that anything exists outside of the natural world. Therefore, it seems more reasonable to me that a naturalistic explanation exists than a perpetual Z.
What you consider "objective evidence" is a concept constrained by the tenants of the naturalistic axiom. "I cannot observe anything outside of my room by observing my room, thus nothing outside of my room exists." You're supporting one assumption with another.
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