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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Originally Posted by Mike Doolittle View Post
Not necessarily, and I think you are misinterpreting what I'm saying here. The "gap" is a limit of science. Clearly, there are limitations of science. A method that is based on observance of natural law cannot study anything that transcends those laws. Yet we know that for our finite universe to have come into existence, something infinite and transcendent of those laws must exist. Our natural laws are but an insulated corridor through which we experience consciousness.
Again, this is assuming that our knowledge of natural laws is complete. What you define as "transcendent of natural laws" might simply be some other natural law which is yet to be discovered. 300 years ago, the existence of complicated life forms might have been used as proof of the necessity of God, until we discovered evolution. Today the temporal condition of the universe is used for the same purpose, but in 300 years' time we might have the answer to that too. Absence of evidence might not be evidence of absence, but it sure isn't evidence (or indication) of presence either.

It's both. You say that you feel it inside you, and of course you do, because you are spiritual being innately connected to this universal consciousness we call God. A Dawkins-esque atheist might say that what we are, and what we experience as consciousness, is simply the byproduct of natural laws, and that's true. But those explanations are simply a map, an observation of the order of the universe. But without consciousness, order can't arise out of chaos. The intuition you feel is of a consciousness transcendent of your physical self.
I'm not negating anything you say, but I still don't really understand where you're coming from when you make statements such as those I've placed in bold, or what your basis is. Could you explain?
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