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Re: Xbox Live Gamer Tag Exchange

Hey Brad, you actually don't have to be playing /anything/ to chat it up with friends. You could be watching a dvd or doing nothing I suppose; as long as you're wired-in, so-to-speak, it's all good.

Anyway, I go in spurts and sputters as to when I'm on, but my nic is:

CasTastrophy (as in catastrophy).

Feel free to call me by my actual nicname (Cas) or by name (Colleen) when we talk.

Of course I'm usually playing OBLIVION TEH BEST GAME EVAR!!! (Is that sufficient to be considered online geek speak?) But I also have and would like to play the following with others (though I do have a tendency to run with scissors).

- GWAR (I'd especially /love/ to play the co-op campaign, though a multi-player frag fest would be fab )
- PGR 3 (Though I'm especially leary of /you/, Doug, and you, techno, and you, ferarriman, and.. oh shit, everybody on this flippin' board'll hand my ass to me at one game or another; just be a gentleman about it, and all will be well )
- Table Tennis (I must admit I haven't played this much.. I think the learning curve's a bit steep--or I suck. Okay, it's probably just the latter. One thing I do know.. I hate that Chinese dude.. I play the American chick, 'natch. Anyway, if you're looking for a fairly easy win, look me up.. )

I also have some arcade games. I can remember the following off the top of my head atm:
- Joust
- Gauntlet (I just love these )
I'm pretty sure I have some others, but I'm old and have CRS .

Oh, and even if I'm playing Oblivion, ring me up.. I /may/ want to play something else. Stranger things have happened. (Yeah right.)


Doug, I thought you had Table Tennis. Was it just a rental? Did you not like it, or did you grow bored, or what? (Just curious, as I find it amazingly difficult. But then I think many games are that way.)

BTW kids, watch out for techno, aka n0wak. I compared games, and just by doing that he's /amazingly/ good, I'll tell you what. Sly fox that he is.
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