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Re: Does life have a purpose?

Originally Posted by Adelleda
Some random explosion creates everything, and we just happen to land in exactly the right spot, exactly the right distance from exactly the right kind of star. With exactly the right molecular structure to survive for however long and grow into the dominant species. Somehow, atoms, DNA and chords were thrown together in exactly the right way from a random explosion.
Fallacious reasoning. The whole premise that you have, that everything is too "perfect", only exists because you assume a perfect system and only that one system -- ours. You discount the, likely, billions and billions of systems where this has happened and failed.

It's like seeing one dice roll in your life -- let's say a two -- and then living your entire life thinking that dice only throw twos.

Originally Posted by Adelleda
The simple answer to this entire thread is;
If you're a scientist, the meaning of life is beyond our comprehension, so you'll just have to settle for that good old perpetuating humanity jig.
Simple answer my ass. There are some scientists, like Dawkins, that would likely disagree with your generalization there.
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