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Re: Does life have a purpose?

Originally Posted by Adelleda
To be perfectly honest, i don't know how anyone can call themselves a scientist and not aknowlege the existence of some form of higher existence.
Assuming the higher existence of which you speak plays the role of a creator or *cringe* designer, then I don't see how you've come to that conclusion. Science can't acknowledge what it can't observe or test; there is no way yet to falsify the existence of a designer; therefore, scientists are in no way obligated to accept the existence of a (*cringe*) designer.

There are far too many coincidences[SP?] regarding life.
Some random explosion creates everything, and we just happen to land in exactly the right spot, exactly the right distance from exactly the right kind of star. With exactly the right molecular structure to survive for however long and grow into the dominant species. Somehow, atoms, DNA and chords were thrown together in exactly the right way from a random explosion.
Our local star is but one star in a galaxy of 100 billion stars. Assuming that ours is the only rock which habors life, the chances of a primitive lifeform (which would eventually evolve over billions of years to become our beautiful selves) occuring once every so many hundred billion times in so many hundred billion unique circumstances is probable. It's important to stress the fact that complexity in life is a recent phenomenon. There wasn't nothing one week and a biological utopia the next. If the objective of the universe was to create intelligence, then why did it labor so long to achieve so little?

And the existence of a creator also explains the gaps in the evolutionary chain. If we DID actually evolve, then perhaps this higher being, lets call him "Bob" had a helping hand. Perhaps bob nudged us along in the evolutionary chain from time to time to keep us on top of our game, hence the so called "missing links" in evolution.
See God of the Gaps or Intellgent design ...*cringe.*

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