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Re: Does life have a purpose?

To be perfectly honest, i don't know how anyone can call themselves a scientist and not aknowlege the existence of some form of higher existence.

I'm not religious per se, however i do eleive there is something out there that played a helping hand in our devolpment. I don't know, or care what it is, it's just logical for it to be there.
There are far too many coincidences[SP?] regarding life.
Some random explosion creates everything, and we just happen to land in exactly the right spot, exactly the right distance from exactly the right kind of star. With exactly the right molecular structure to survive for however long and grow into the dominant species. Somehow, atoms, DNA and chords were thrown together in exactly the right way from a random explosion.

My friends tend to think of me as kind of neutral.
My personal beleif is that the big bang DID happen, however it may have been the method used by a higher being to spur on creation.
I refuse to beleive that the universe in all its complexity was thrown together by accident, it's just to complex.
And the existence of a creator also explains the gaps in the evolutionary chain. If we DID actually evolve, then perhaps this higher being, lets call him "Bob" had a helping hand. Perhaps bob nudged us along in the evolutionary chain from time to time to keep us on top of our game, hence the so called "missing links" in evolution.

To be perfectly honest though, i don't care if there is a meaning to life, i'm perfectly content to live, and die, and make the most of my short time here.

The simple answer to this entire thread is;
If you're a scientist, the meaning of life is beyond our comprehension, so you'll just have to settle for that good old perpetuating humanity jig.
If you're religious in any way, then "Bob" will tell you when the time arrives for it.
No matter what you beleive, the meaning of life is beyond your understanding.
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