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Re: New Feature Posted: Interview with Kudo Tsunoda

Originally Posted by GC_Chi
This isn't fair to VB since it was so ahead of its time. FN (both games) are clearly more well rounded in terms of gameplay, design, content and production values. The only thing that VB is probably still comparable is probably challenge. Otherwise, the Fight Night games outclass VB in just about every other way.

I'm still playing my way through Round 2, but the challenge in this game may be just as tough as VB.

Hi GC community.
First I'd like to write I'm new to this site/forum and second I'm sorry for bumping this somewhat old topic, but I'd like to ask if any of you have played VB2? or HnI Allstars (yes, they're imports, but they're amazingly well done, well.. All Stars is more gameplay (then again, it was released like a whole year later) similiar to VB1, but VB2 career mode is just too overwelmingly good)

If anyone of you played VB2 (atleast) how would you compare it with FNR2? Would it be a first round KO (made you look horrible) Golota (being FNR2) - Brewster (being VB2) fight? or would you disagree whole-heartedly?

IMHO, FNR2's way over-rated, but that's just me.
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