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Re: New Feature Posted: Interview with Kudo Tsunoda


Okay, cool. (Just remember, you asked me. ) What I'm saying, and please remember that I'm relatively sport-knowledge-challenged, is that back in the old days, sports figures could be molded by their managers or the media or whomever did that in such a way as to make it /seem/ like they were generally good blokes, and generally they were, b/c generally people were more ethical (or at least seemed so). Stuff that the general public "aught not to know" was easier kept "under wraps" much like FDR being a parapalegic.

Today, because among other things, technology has advanced so far and ethics in general is not quite what it used to be, sports figures are given the "green light" to be assholes and people know about it in an instance. With ethical corruption hailed as personal triumph in a world where such information is easily and readily accessible, the cycle becomes even more vicious. People (children) are taught that it's okay to be dicks, because that's the way to "success." No lasting repercussions. There is a host of examples. Frankly, I shouldn't just pick on sports' figures, b/c the problem is everywhere, but I have other pet peeves with sports, so that's why it's easy for me to find fault there. Anyway, here's just some of them (in no particular order):

The Apprentice;
Reality shows in general;
That it's not okay for guys to show signs of affection (our troops were telling men in Iraq to, basically, "knock that shit off,"), but it's perfectly okay for guys in sports to jump on each other or slap each other on the ass after a good play or game;
Dubya and his coterie of sycophants;
Randy Moss;
Rampant steroid use pervading sports today;
Michael Jackson;
The fact that schools can't afford new schoolbooks, are shutting down fine art and foreign language, etc. programs, but damn it! still manage to fund those all important sport programs;
And many, many more.

So, that's just some of it.

Did that help at all?

P.S. Say Chi, about the game *lol* can you change the difficulty level?
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