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Re: New Feature Posted: Interview with Kudo Tsunoda

It's true, Chi. There are lots of oldies who weren't exactly the nicest of fellows, either. But the way media has developed has merged their character into one person. Before, (I believe) it was more the people "in the know," who better understood the true personality behind these sports stars, and children, at least, were better able to fantasize about their heroes.

Which reminds me. Damn it, Randy Moss is now a Raider. God I hate that guy; I don't care how good he is. And I guess he played college football for some podunk college team around here called Marshall back in day -- people say he was an ass then, and clearly, he hasn't changed a bit.

Anyway, I'm sorry for derailing your topic. Sports stars who get away with murder, literally, and less, and then are still hailed as heroes are just /one/ of my pet peeves about sports. That's one of the reasons I generally despise them so much (that along with the host of other pet peeves ).

So, truly, it was a great interview. Thanks for sharing. I'll certainly be picking it up in the used bin.
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