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Re: New Feature Posted: Interview with Kudo Tsunoda

Originally Posted by Hypatia93

Frankly, I'm damn glad Tyson isn't in the game. A RAPIST should be given NOTHING, certainly not more money or recognition. Jesus, that's just one more thing wrong with professional sports. Okay I should stop now.
Not to risk changing the subject, but there are convicted rapists in virtually every profession. Some are richer and more popular than others, but one can find a scumbag like Tyson in all corners of society. Also, for every Ron Artest or Mike Tyson playing professional sports, there are several who spend a large portion of their time and money on their own charitable foundations.

Just a couple that come to mind...

I'm not defending Tyson or other criminals/ex-cons but there is a lot of guys/gals out there putting their fame and fortune to some really good uses. That's all.

Back on topic, great interview Chi. I was watching some videos of this game the other night and I'll definitely be getting it eventually -- it looks great.
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