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Re: New Feature Posted: Interview with Kudo Tsunoda

Originally Posted by Hypatia93
However, I am sorely disappointed in you. Yes, you. In that you are disappointed that a convicted RAPIST is not included in the line-up. You are a rather intelligent and informed fellow, so when you are disappointed, I can only envision what the masses think. *heavy sigh*
I'm sorry you feel that way. Its a tough call morally and ethically. I mean Babe Ruth and Ty Cobbs weren't choir boys and yet they are legends of the Baseball Diamond. When I think of Tyson, I think of the young buck from Brooklyn who destroyed his opponents with his magnificent uppercut and made boxing mainstream in the late 1980s. I try not to think of the loose cannon freakshow that he has become. Where does actions outside of the ring start to affect his legacy inside of it. This not an easy dilemna.

While I am by no means defending his actions, something to consider is that he did serve his time and did not beat the rap like so many other superstar athlethes (*oj cough*).

All I know is that as a fan of the sweet science, I would like to see him in the game. A game titled "Tyson Bar Room Brawler" or "Tyson's Ear Chomping Road Rage" would clearly be appalling.

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