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RandomRob 05-21-2012 06:27 PM

PODCAST SUGGESTION- Games for 'Adults'
in a recent interview, Jenova Chen said that current video games are not good for adults because adults need to be intellectually stimulated.

Barring ironic mention that Thatgamecompany's games are about as intellectually stimulating as boiling ramen, (imo) do you guys feel there is any truth to this?

or is intellectual stimulation at odds with proven control schemes and formulaic gameplay that consumers keep paying full price for?

Li-Ion 05-22-2012 07:42 AM

Re: PODCAST SUGGESTION- Games for 'Adults'
I think Jenova Chen is correct in that most games are about as stimulating as boiling ramen. The apologist in me now immediately says that's the same for a lot of TV series, like my current guilty pleasure Torchwood, which is about as cerebral as eating cereals. But the apologist in me gets immediately a slap in the face for this statement, since there are plenty of TV series nowadays that are covering adult themes without being camp or giggling immature. So how come we don't have this for games?

There are only very few games that made me think in recent years. Only few presented a tangible moral dilemma that was worth considering before making a decision. Decisions in video games are too often horribly binary. Either be Pol Pot or Albert Schweitzer (I'm tired of the Hitler/Mother Teresa analogy).

Games where decisions are made in a 'realistic' (or at least authentic) society are very rare. Witcher 2 springs to mind, for all its faults I found it depicts hard choices very well. In real life you don't always have all the informations at hand when making a decision and there is no clear paragon/renegade good/evil-Option you get points for. I haven't played it yet but I read that I am Alive also tackles adult subjects without being ashamed or preachy.

There should be space for both: the equivalent of popcorn-cinema and arthouse films. It's just that we are so used to the fact that games are 'for kids', that still many players of games (and especially people who do not play themselves) frown upon games daring to be adult. Hence such a massive amount of light popcorn-entertainment. Just a matter of time I assume. Looks like even people at Ubisoft realize that, like Jade Raymond.

RandomRob 05-22-2012 04:04 PM

Re: PODCAST SUGGESTION- Games for 'Adults'
Jenova Chen's games are hardly thought-provoking, though.

I find his ideas awkward company for his art.

Pedro 05-23-2012 01:44 PM

Re: PODCAST SUGGESTION- Games for 'Adults'

Originally Posted by RandomRob (Post 201185)
Barring ironic mention that Thatgamecompany's games are about as intellectually stimulating as boiling ramen

Ha ha, brilliant! I loved Flower, but it was a love that manifested itself in some inchoate feelings and while there was some mental stimulation, it was far from intellectual.

I dunno guys, I have played some decent games this year. I am Alive made me think, a little. To the Moon was all sentiment, but delivered and underpinned with a lot of intellectual depth - it's about 4 hours long, you should check it out although be warned - it is not a game. STALKER SOC was pretty stimulating, in that it gave us a world where both the landscape and the in-game factions mirrored the rapaciousness of communism in the latter-day Soviet state, never mind being an outstanding and accessible reaction to the massive physical and mental footprint that the Chernobyl incident left behind.

On the other side of the coin, games that try and achieve something more are often pilloried and condemned - look at Dear Esther and The Path for recent examples. Funnily enough Journey escaped this opprobrium, instead being greeted with massive acclaim, perhaps because at heart it's a platformer with a hackneyed rebirth myth tacked on.

PS Totally agree with this, it's getting silly now:


Originally Posted by Li-Ion (Post 201187)
Only few presented a tangible moral dilemma that was worth considering before making a decision. Decisions in video games are too often horribly binary.

RandomRob 05-23-2012 04:17 PM

Re: PODCAST SUGGESTION- Games for 'Adults'
I thought Dear Esther was phony and dull. TRYING to be deep, like a writer over-writing/over-editing something that wasn't that good to begin with.

tangent: Gil Scott Heron on overly obscure poetry

Pedro 05-26-2012 06:54 AM

Re: PODCAST SUGGESTION- Games for 'Adults'
I agree with you on Dear Esther. However, it could have been something special with a better structure/writing/abandon the stupid random sound clip thing. However, I was trying to get at the reaction to that game - "it's not even a game, you do nothing, wah wah wah!" - and the same for The Path, which was interesting and thought provoking but fell short as a game in that the structure and gameplay were frustrating and couldn't be sustained for 7 hours or whatever. I guess my point was, that with such a vocal minority of imbeciles on the forums of any given site, the environment for creating better (in the thought-provoking, adult themed sense) is getting held back.

In other news, I bought Dragon's Dogma just now. The blurb on the back reads:

Sacrifice your heart and surrender your destiny to the power of the Dragon. Only then can you hope to stand against the Dark as one of the Arisen.

Let's face it, games are for kids, aren't they?

RandomRob 05-26-2012 03:39 PM

Re: PODCAST SUGGESTION- Games for 'Adults'
not at 60$ a pop they're not.

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