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LordFarid 02-20-2012 01:00 PM

Guild Wars 2: It Makes Me Believe
So the press beta began and the internet is now exploding with information. Been following this game for years and up until the fall when SWTOR came out and my attention was diverted I have always been excited about this game.

You guys must think I'm a total slut jumping from MMO to MMO and your right, I am a total slut, but still I feel GW2 is different, fundamentally different. The reason is that this is not a game that builds on the classis Everquest/World of Warcraft model of questing and raiding, but rather burns it down to the ground and reinvents it. Everything from a lack of healer and tanks to a dynamic system of quests that allow you to go and explore any way you please is different, in a good way.

From what i've read from beta impressions, the game seems to live up to the hype. Most impressive to me is the WvW (world vs world vs world), a massive zone where 3 servers battle it out for domination in 2 week matches. The ultimate dream for fans of world pvp.

So who else is following this and who else cannot wait to get their hands on this game?

Jaradcel 02-24-2012 02:09 AM

Re: Guild Wars 2: It Makes Me Believe
I am completely enamored with the news hitting on how RvRvR is being done, as well as how skills can change based on your weapons. No longer do you just take "whatever has the best stats"! You have to actively choose your weapon?

Holy cow! That's brilliant!

Li-Ion 02-24-2012 10:58 AM

Re: Guild Wars 2: It Makes Me Believe
I am probably giving GW2 a shot when it's coming out. Mainly because I'm curious how innovative and forward-thinking it will be after all. If I like it I'll see then. In any case I'm all for supporting the avant garde.

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