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Li-Ion 02-09-2012 12:12 PM

Double Fine Adventure! Or: we live in interesting times...
Imagine people like Tim Schaefer and Ron Gilbert would be fed up with being laughed at by publishers because they want to pitch an old-school adventure game. Imagine they would try to get the funding by alternative means, like the website kickstarter. Now imagine they would ask for a total of $400.000 to make this old-school adventure game, which is not much by modern day standards, and would get almost double that amount after a day. As I type this the counter is at $753,646 and I'm sure by the time you read this it's higher. Still 33 days to go.

Needless to say, I myself threw money at Tim Schaefer given this opportunity.

But this raises a couple of questions:

* are publishers ouf of touch with what consumers want, when industry veterans like Schaefer and Gilbert can't just make an adventure game even though there seems to be a market for it?

* aren't we all supposed to be pirate-scum? How come more than $700.000 come together that quick when big-name publishers keep telling us that everyone's a thief?

* what about all that DRM, online-passes and whatnot, that publishers force-feed us with because apparently no one would pay for games? (don't get me started about the rumors regarding used-game-lock for the next generation xbox)

The money is apparently out there and people are even willing to pay upfront. To me this is a clear indication that the big publishers don't understand the modern gamer.

p.s. in the time it took me to write this posting, another $8000 went towards Double Fine.

Mousse Effect 02-21-2012 09:15 AM

Re: Double Fine Adventure! Or: we live in interesting times...
As Mike knows I'm really excited by all this:

Nier director pondering the possibility but admitting that the logistics would be difficult, random fans are already pledging 100, 200$ for a HD RPG:

Where will it stop ?!?!

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