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ZippyDSMlee 01-16-2012 09:26 AM

Looking for an artist, ship designs.
Looking to have my crappy doodles drawn out by someone who knows what they are doing but I am having a hard time finding a person that dose ships/cars,ect. I do know a couple 60$ range artists that might tackle it but I am looking for people in the 20-30 a commission.

Commission detail wise a few small changes here and there shading and color better depth and perspectives I am not asking for much all things considered.

Light force ships

Interceptor class destroyer

Standard destroyer class

Super destroyer class

Galaxy class

Ship comparison:

And one Dark force Devourer a standard destroyer class vessel

And fighters

Not getting anywhere on finding soemone on DA to do it, thinking of doing one a month if I can find someone to work with, any help would be great.

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